Thursday, December 6, 2012

Only 19 days till Christmas...

Only 19 days till Christmas and there is some hunting to do! The Peace on Earth hunt has many lovely gifts and it runs till January 6th. You can find all info HERE, hints & links, which is a very useful help. You are looking for a globe with a white dove.
I found quite a lot of great gowns and outfits in this POE5 hunt, like this great Warrior of Peace outfit, which is hidden inside the globe at Warsteel.

Or if you like a more formal outfit, perfect for the upcoming parties, you can hop over to Vero Modero. WOW I  love this gown, it is so different and so elegant with the coral decorations. It is hidden inside the POE5 globe, so go hunting ladies if you like to wear this gown.
If you like gowns which are MESH, go to ArtMe Fashion and find the globe at their store. Inside is this lovely gown. The great hairdo with snowflakes and baubles was a freebie by Biedermann. It is no longer available allas.
I also love the gown inside the globe at Artic Storm. Inside you will find this great purplish gown which you can also wear as a cocktail dress! The color os perfect for each skintone. All you have to do is find that globe!

Another store which is participating in the POE hunt and has a great gown as a gift is Wilsons Design. THey have this classic Christmas gown in velvet with fur as a gift in the POE hunt.
The next gown is also a gift in the POE5 hunt and this time you have to teleport to Paisley Daisy. This gown is made of delicate lace and it is simply lovely. But where is that globe hidden? If you get stuck, try the HINT & LINK page ladies.
Now B&T Mesh Studio has this great black gown hidden inside their globe of the POE5 hunt, so if you like black for the holidays, just find that globe ladies. I like the elegant crown detail!
The last gown for today is the gown Angel Dessous has as a hunt gift in the POE5 hunt. A lovely dark red gown with a beautiful embroided corset top and a lovely fur collar. The elegant gloves are included, not the bracelets I am wearing with this gown.
Now if you have found your favorite gown (or if you have found all) I bet you would like to wear a lovely new skin with these gowns. You can find them in the POE hunt, for example at Dulce Secrets! They have this lovely skin in a lot of skintones hidden inside their POE globe!
Or you can get these great Selma skins at BLUSH. You get 3 skintones IF you can locate the globe at their store ladies!
Another great skin is hidden inside the globe at Diamond Style skins. A lovely skin which will go great with all your outfits and hairdos. NOw only finding that globe...sigh...
Ofcourse you also would like to get some new jewelry to go with these gowns and skins. I fully understand that ladies. I wanted it too! So I went to Bliensen & MaiTai and I found this great necklace inside their globe from the hunt.
Beloved Jewelry  not only gives you ONE great jewelry set, you get TWO, that is if you can locate their globe! One is in red, the other in green, both traditional Christmas colors!
GlamDammit also has a lovely jewelry gift hidden inside their globe from the POE5 hunt. If you unpack their globe you will find these elegant earrings to wear with your gowns.
And Zibska has this great neck collar for you if you find their globe. It is very futuristic, great to wear with gowns, but also with jeans and a sweater. I just love it.
Another great neacklace is hidden inside the globe at DCD Jewelry. This lovely book necklace is hidden inside the globe you need to find in this hunt ladies. It is not that hard, just give it a try if your mind is set in this necklace!
The next jewelry is by Elemental Jewelry. A lovely set of earrings and a necklace is their gift in the POE5 hunt.  This set is so elegant and delicate ladies, it is worth a while searching the store for that globe!
And the last one for today is by Designs by Sebastian. You get this great necklace and the matching ring comes with it.Go Hunting ladies if you want it too!

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