Sunday, December 2, 2012

Running behind after a few days away...

I do hope you didn't notice ladies, but I took a few days off...which did me a lot of good :) I am feeling a bit better.
Anyway, because I was away a few days I missed quite a lot. Lots of Advent Calenders started, lots of hunts started and lots of new group gifts were send out.
Let me start with the newest 60 L$ offers by SLC. They have this lovely winter outfit for just 60 L$. It comes in many colors so your favorite one will be there too! But you have to be fast. the offer is ONLY for this weekend!! Ends on Sunday.

SLC also has a lot of special Christmas outfits and amongst them is this lovely Christmas Girl outfit, which is available for just 99 L$ and if you are a group member you pay 69 L$.

Over to some lovely new hair. Tameless has released not one, not two but THREE lovely hairdos. As usual you can get a pack of one color but with 4 tones for just 199 L$ or the fatpack with all options for 799 L$. And if you get them on Marketplace you get a 10% discount!
The hats are included with the hair.

Alli & Ali hair have changed their voting gifts and their group gifts. You can find them at their mainstore and there is also a hughe action wall where group members get a 50% discount if they wear their tag. These gifts will change on Friday ladies, so don't wait too long to get them.

Alli & Ali also have some really good 1 L$ offers in their Marketplace store. You can find ALL here....just showing you a few. These offers are all for a limited time, so don't wait too long.

Then my friend Gaea is participating in the Candy Cane Hunt 4, which started on December 1st. You can find all info HERE. And if you find that cup with the candy cane at Gaeas store you will be the proud owner of this great winter sweater!
I still have a lovely skin left from the Women Stuff hunt. You can find all info about this hunt HERE. You are looking for a sculpted red teeshirt in this hunt and if you can find it at WoW skins you get this GREAT skin called PinkSugar.
WoW skins also has a GREAT new group gift, a lovely skin called Samia.
And if that is not enough: WoW skins is participating in SYS event and you can find this great skin called Farah is available there (and ONLY there, so not at the Wow skins shop) for just 99 L$.
Then I went to a few advent calendars, one of them is by Virtual Impressions. It is for group members only but you get a GREAT present every day! On this December 2nd I got this beautiful jewelry set!
And LaRosa is giving away great gifts in their Advent Calendar too! I got a lovely ring from day 1, and a cute outfit from day 2.

Last calendar was at Alice Project and they gave me these great winter earrings.


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