Monday, December 24, 2012

Only ONE day till Christmas...

I don't know if you have been good or bad this year and I don't know if you are looking forward to Christmas or not, but JeSyLiLo has some GREAT gifts for all of their group members (joining is free)! They have 2 events going on at their store. The first one is 88 group gifts ...which basicly means that there are 88 group gifts on the floor under the tree. Ranging from great skins to hair or outfits.
The other event is that there are 12 boxes in the store. Not really hidden, they are easy to find. And they contain lovely Christmas gifts.
AND there is a 50% discount sale going on, which means there are a lot of bargains to find!
All events run till December 31st.
So today just a blog about JeSyLiLo and I want to thank then soooo much, as I have been a bad girl and Santa most likely knows it....
And thank you Jara for letting me know about these great gifts MWUAHHH :)