Saturday, December 22, 2012

Only 3 days till Christmas....

My last stroll along Marketplace today ladies, some group gifts and a mini hunt at Yo Pulga.
Let me start with the lovely group gift by Baiastice. They have this beautiful warm winter coat with scarf for their group members (check past notices). The scarf is color and texture change.
And Morea has a great new group gift too! A warm winter dress in a great earthly color. They also have a Midnight Mania board with an awesome gown in it, so get your friends over and start clicking to get this gown!
Then I did a small mini hunt at Yo Pulga. You are looking for a Santa hat and there are 8 to find and if you find all you will have all the lovely items I am showing you below. It is a small store, so it is quite easy to find all hats :)
There are 2 poses to find, the 2 cute tops, earmufs, green make-up, necklace and stockings.
This cute Santa outfit can be found at Beautiful Dangerous. It is their gift in the Womenstuff hunt and you have to look for a pink teeshirt. The hint is: I LOVE Christmas....
Then I did my last stroll along Marketplace and I found a few great Christmas goodies for you. None is more than 1 L$ so they won't break the bank!
This beautiful set of bracelets, ring and nails is by Twishee and you have to pay 1 L$ for it. Perfect to wear with a red Christmas gown!
And this great red pearl set is by RealEvil Industries. Also great for the holidays :)
There is another nice jewelry set to find on Marketplace if you visit the Mylady store. They have this great set for free.
This cute Christmas tree set is by Lyana Albatros and you can find it on Marketplace.
And this Mistletoe necklace is by Dedalo. It is called Mistletoe necklace but to me it looks like a holly necklace. What do you think?
Then I found a few very nice dresses and gowns on Marketplace. I actually was looking for things to wear on Christmas partioes or New Years Eve, and I found quite a few. Not all are really Christmassy though. Like this great gown by Liwen. It is a beautiful gown and great to wear, but maybe not at Christmas. 1 L$ fior this gown.
Then again this sexy gown by ADN is perfect for New Years eve. You will certainly get attention if you are wearing this great ouftit. 1 L$ for the Smexy Xmas gown. The shoes are included, so is the choker.
Another dress by ADN is this Chic red dress. Again a sexy little thing, but great to wear on hot parties. 1 L$ for this hottie.
I am wearing the beautiful sandals by Pure with this dress. They are called Lady in red.
Another great pair of red shoes are these pumps by NOVI design You have to pay 1 L$ for these elegant sexy shoes.
And these beautiful boots are by BodyMix and they are called Rosalie. You will have to pay 1 L$ though to wear them.
Then I found a cute dress in red with a holly trim along the seams. The cute flats are included and this dress is by FG and again you have to pay 1 L$ for dress and shoes.

Over to the cute Miss Santa dress by Blueberry. You can find it on Marketplace including the great boots! 
Another cute dress is the one by CandyMetal. This dress is sold on Marketplace for just 1 L$ and I styled it with the ├╝bercute Rudolph necklace by Bellas Lullaby and this necklace is free.
Then I found these sexy dresses by Beautiful Dirty Rich on Marketplace. You get a red and a green version and you can wear them with a white bra, with a black bra or with no bra at all!

This next dress is actually a Valentine dress, but I liked it so much that I wanted it on my blog. I think it is perfect to wear on Christmas parties but you can decide wether you like it or not. It is by ZM Creations.
Over to the Christmas Cutesy dress by Newtique. It is a lovely little dress, in a beautiful shade of red and it is just fun to wear. The lovely jewelry is the Noor set by Lazuri. Not free, but it is great to wear and so beautiful!
I also found a really cute sweater to wear with your fav jeans. It is by Soulglitter and after wearing all these gowns and sexy dresses it is a relief to put on your jeans and this cute sweater!
Then I thought: it would be so nice to find some free Santa hair. And I did ladies! This hair with the Santa hat comes in many colors (just showing you a few options) and it is by Black Maria.
Last one for today is the one that made me is by MOQ design and it is a Santa hat with a full working slot machine on it. Sooo funny!!

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