Saturday, December 15, 2012

Only 10 days till Christmas...

Today some great presents from Vita's Boudoir, 60 L$ offers at SLC, some more Designer Circle (offers are valid till December 22nd) and some goodies from Marketplace.

But first Vita's Boudoir. Vita is a gifted designer, she makes great eccentric outfits and I love them! They stand out because they are different and very detailed. There is a new group gift at their store, a lovely white sparkly elf dress. And there is a Lucky Santa chair. Santa gives you one of 5 lovely gifts if your letter appears! I got 3 of those presents.
But the best thing is the GREAT My Ribbon dress (250 L$). I adore it. Thank you so much Santa and Vita!

Serina Lacava Creations has some great new 60 L$ offers ladies and these offers are only valid this weekend, so you have to be fast to grab them! They come in many lovely colors. And there is also an advent calendar at the store and all great utfits hidden inside this calendar are for sale for 24 L$ each, but only on the day that is on the door of the calendar!

Then I went to the Designer Circle to find that Calico Ingmann Creations has put up some great hair there. All at the Designer Circle is on offer for 100 L$ or less and so is this beautoful hair! Even better: the Heather hair is just 1 L$ and you get a fatpack with all thinkable colors!
And this hair is on offer for 100 L$.It is called Annika and it comes in many colors. Available at the Designer Circle.

This hair is called Paige and it is also available at the Designer Circle in many great colors for just 100 L$. It comes in 2 different lenghts. And the pointsettias are included.

The next offers is also available at the Designer Circle ladies. I don't need to explain, all is 100 L$ or less and all is great quality! This cropped cardigan is by Shine by [ZD].
And these great shirts, they are by E-Clipse  They come in a pack of 2 so you can chose either a green one or a blue one at the Designer Circle.

The next skirt and the skull and cross necklace are by Kennedy's and you can find them on offer at the Designer Circle for just 60 L$ each. The elegant grey sweater is a freebie by HOC Industries.

Co*Motions has some great poses at the Designer Circle. One set is called Ice Skating queen and the other one is called Snap Shots. I love them both :)

Last one by the Designer Circle is Phoebe piercings. They offer a lip piercing and a belly piercing at the Designer Circle.
I promissed you some more goodies from Marketplace, so here goes: This cute Christmas backpack is by The House of Avro and it is totally free.
And these cute Rudolph hats are by Pasar and they are also totally free on Marketplace!