Sunday, December 23, 2012

Only 2 days till Christmas...

Today just an old fashioned blog with lots of stuff. A great group gift, some Christmas gifts, catching up with the Christmas Calendars, and the lovely group gifts by Liv Glam. Just start reading, get your teleport fingers ready and go...
I wills tart with the more than beautiful group gift by Purple Moon. It is a lovely white gown, so elegant and it looks like it is made out of pure snow. Thank you so much Poulet!
And to wear with this lovely gown you could decide to pick up the skin Adam & Eve are giving away as a Christmas gift to all of us.
To finish it off tou also can get the gift Poetic Colors has as a Christmas gift for all residents ladies. Beautiful eyes in many shapes, from small to big in a great color.
Ofcourse youw ant some new hair to wear with this perfect gown and I wil show you the hair I got from the Advent Calendar at Alice Project. It is from a few days ago but I am sur ethe gift for today will be just as gorgeous.
Or you can go to Virtual Impressions as they are giving away lovely jewelry in their Advent Calendar. Again this set is from a few days ago, but I am sure the gift for today will be just as beautiful. This calendar is group only.
Chop Zuey is also giving away some great jewelry as Christmas gifts to their group members and non group members. I am showing you the non group members gifts.

To complte the picture with shoes you could decide to pick up the 12 days of Christmas gifts at BabyMonkey. They are group gifts, but you get so many lovely presents that it is totally worth to join. The shoes are color change, on the flats you can color change the bows. Just showing yoi a few options.

LaRosa also has an Advent Calendar and you can pick up a new gift every day there. They had these cute boties as a gift a few days ago. But each day there is a new one, so go and take a look what LaRosa gives away today!
Viviane Fashion has a beautiful Christmas group gift for her group members. This lovely blue owl outfit, including the sneakers, is free at their store (group only).
And Leri Miles has an Advent Calendar too. Most of the gifts are free, but beware some are NOT free! Below is what I got there, previous gifts are still available.

Then I went to La Petite Fleur and they have some great gifts at their store. These lovely sweaters below are all free ladies !!Perfect for those colder December days!

Last one for today is Liv Glam. I blogged them before, but the group gifts at this store are so gorgeous that I couldn't resist to blog a few more. Look for tables at the store with the free gifts on them. There are many!


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