Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Who doesn't like Bizarre hair?

I bet you all remember that Crazy Hair Hunt? I do...I simply love hair, and especially CRAZY hair. There were so many hair designers participating and I got soooo many VERY crazy hairdo's. You can see some of them HERE. And you can see more from the Crazy Hair Hunt HERE. I hope there will soon be another Crazy Hair hunt!

Bizarre Hair participated in both Crazy Hair hunts and they have some awesome hair! Mystica was very generous to give me a few of her latest creations and I love them sooo much that I really wanted to show them to you all.
How about this GREAT DeeR hairdo, perfect for the Christmas days :)
(her pics are way better than mine, so I will include the official pictures too).
You get a lot of great colors, and the antlers are color change too. You can even make it snow. Hows that for a perfect Christmas?
249 L$ for this great hairdo in all colors.

Or if you aren't much into antlers, maybe you like the Xmas hair better? You get this great hair in a lot of elegant and bizarre colors, and you can play around with the attachements. You get a bow and an angel, but you can also wear it plain. 299 L$ for the whole package at Bizarre Hair.

The next hairdo is called The Dragon. If you are wondering why, just take a good loo at the pictures :)
Again you get a lot of colors and you can wear it with or without the bangs. 249 L$ for this hair.

Over to Adele. She is one of my fav singers, but the Adele hair by Bizarre is just as great. This hair is sooo much fun to play with. You get different bangs, a hairband which is color change in all the great colors nd still the hair is just 249 L$.

Last one from Bizarre Hair is Gypsy. I could not stop playing with this hair. Oh my, how many options are there to try out? You get bangs, braids, a scarf, a hair bandana, a beautiful tiara..there is no end to it. You really have to see this hair to see all the options. Demos are available at the store ;adies, so what is keeping you here?