Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Only 13 days till Christmas...

Today a little more Designer Circle, some great skins and some stunning advent calendar gifts!
But first the lovely lingerie set Seldom Blue has put up for just 1 L$. It is a great Chrstmas gift! But if you don´t like the color: there are many more colors in this Elisabeth lingerie range for sale! Hop over to Seldom blue and take a look ladies (and gents who are looking for a present).

Then my friend Jara told me Aidoru is participating in the Twisted Krissmuss ring. All participating stores offer one or more gifts for just 100 L$ so you can get a lot of Christmas presents for your friends for a very low price. All are transfer! And these are the ones at Aidoru, they come in a male and a female version. A lovely Venom necklace and a beautiful I love you ring.
I got some really great skins by WOW skins today. They are called Britney and they come in 3 lovely skintones and they come in many make  ups! I am showing you all 3 skintones, but just a few examples of the lovely make up!
Want to know the price?
ONLY 350L EACH SKIN!! ( each skin pack contains: 1 skin with cleveage, one skin without cleveage, 1 eyebrow shaper, freckles tattoo layer, lolas tango applier).

The next skin is by Rockberry and it is called Meghan. I got it from their lucky chair and boards.
Then I found some lovely skins at the Designer Circle ladies. All offers there are just 100 L$ or less. And this first skin is by Beautycode. It is called Savannah and you get a cleavage layer too (not shown). Available at the Designer Circle.
The next skins are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They are called Fiete skins and they come in 4 skintones. A shape is included. They are made by Step Inside.
Step Inside also has a great mesh shirt dress on offer at the Designer Circle ladies!
If you want a new shape you can find one at the Designer Circle too! This great Monica shape is by Anna Shapes.
This next sexy lingerie set is by Pink Cherry and you can get it either in black or in red at the Designer Circle. ladies. It fits perfectly and it is sooo sexy!
Then I went to Ashmoot and they are participating in a few great hunts! If you can locate the teeshirt from the Womenstuff hunt at the Ashmoot store, you will get this great dress with shoes as a gift! The hint is: "Maybe before find the hunt gift you have to do some photos and see well the lamp that make your face lightining..."
And if you can find the hunt item for the Ancient Hunt at Ashmoot you will get this very elegant Persian outfit to wear!
Ashmoot also has a great offer at Red& Mint, you get a 30% discount on this lovely outfit (till December 12th).
Last one by Ashmoot: you get a 40% discount on these 2 outfits if you are wearing your group tag.

Over to the Advent Calendars: I am showing you YESTERDAYS gifts ladies. They are no longer available, but you get the idea: a lovely new gift every day!
This one is by LaRosa.
This one is by Alice Project.
This one is by Ginza.
This one is by Virtual Impressions (group only).