Monday, December 10, 2012

Only 15 days till Christmas...

Today I am going to blog the new round of the Designer Circle ladies. Remember: all offers there are by great Second Life Designers and they are all below 101 L$ ! The offers are there for a limited time, so don't wait too long to get them!
And I am going to blog shoes ...oh I love shoes....and also hair. Then I am late with my advent calendars, so I am going to blog them anyway, as you get the idea: a new gift every day and the ones I am showing are from yesterday (or in this case from 2 days ago).
But let me start with the lovely sweaters Viviane Fashion has brought out. They are just 10 L$ each ladies.
And now over to the SHOES....gosh I am a shoe fanatic. I found these great boots/shoes in the POE 5 hunt at Demented Dreamworkx and I found out they have some GREAT shoes! These ones are from their Winter collection and they are just 100 L$. They are called Goth winter heels and they are stunning!
I will show you the POE5 gift by Demented Dreamworx again, just because I love them! They are color change with a hud and you can change every part....I had so much fun playing around with them! (just showing you a few possibilities)
Mary Jane shoes has a new group gift ladies, these great shoes. You get 2 packs if you are a group member, brights and pastels. The shoes are color change with a hud and you get ALL (just showing you a few)

Then I got these cute Mary Jane shoes at Lindy shoes. They have a lucky chair at their store. Lindy shoes is also participating in the POE hunt, so look around if you can find that globe at their store!
And this is the gift by Lindy shoes in the POE hunt.
Over to the Advent Calendars. I visit a few every day, but in december I have so much to blog that I simply don't get around to put the gifts on my blog every day! Below are the gifst from day 8.
This one is by ALB.
This one is by Ginza.
This one is by LaRosa.
And this one is by Virtual Impressions (Group only).
The last one is by Alice Project and I also got a fatpack of hair in 2 styles from their midnight Mania board, so don't forget to click that one too!!

Over to the Designer Circle. Like I told you before: a lot of great Second Life Designers are putting one or more of their great designs at the Designer Circle store and you can get them for 100 L$ or less. A great way to fill your inventory with great designs for a very low price!
So let me start with the offers for the 43rd Designer Circle Round.
This lovely outfit in 2 colors is by Abia Capalini and they are both available at the Designer Circle. You can chose brown or green, perfect for winter! The lovely flats are included.

Then Lola Creations has a way different offer at the Designer Circle. This lovely set in white and pink, with a hoodie and the boots is the design by LoLa Creations.
And the last one for today are the offers Liv Glam has put at the Designer Circle Store. A lovely oriental sequin dress which is color change with a hud. WOW you get a whole wardrobe!

Liv Glam also has this great Sterling outfit at the Designer Circle. The elegant boots are included!! And all of that for just 100 L$ or less!

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