Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Only 14 days till Christmas......

Today I am going to start with the Designer Circle ladies. I guess you know it by now: all offers there are just 100 L$ or less. Which is a great way to get some great designs for a low price! This Circle runs till December 22nd, so don't wait too long if you want to get one of the offers.
So let me start today with Baboom. They have a sexy pencil skirt at the Designer Circle and also a lovely warm blue sweater top. I was wearing them decorating my Christmas tree...

Another designer who is participating in the Designer Circle is Blah BLAH Blah. They have these great tops on offer at the Designer Circle. You have a choice of lovely corset tops in many colors or a flowing elegant top in 4 colors.

And to wear with these lovely tops you could get the great jeans Even Flow has on offer at the Designer Circle ladies! Remember: all just 100 L$ or less.
Over to the Advent Calendars. I know I am showing you yesterdays gifts but you get the idea of what you get as a present at the different stores. I want to thank all designers for their lovely gifts and I wish them all a great holiday season.
This first gift is from day 10 at LaRosa. These cute boots are color and texture change with a hud. Not showing you all options.
And this one is by Alice Project.
This one is by Ginza.

And this one is by Alb (Towel only).
I got some more great gifts like this beautiful gown by Gizza. It is their December group gift and it is stunning.

I also picked up their October gft as I seemed to have missed that one. All previous gifts are still available to group members. At Gizza ladies.
Then I went to Dressed by Lexi and they have this stunning cocktail dress as a group gift for December (joining the group is free).
Dressed by Lexi also has great Midnight Mania boards, don't forget to click those ladies. Below is what I got from those boards.

Over to G&N. They have this great gift at their store. A lovely set wirh pants, a sweater, a warm coat and great booties.

The next warm sweater is from the lucky boards at Ribbon. It took me a while but I finally got it :) There are 3 lucky biards, each with a different sweater.
And the last one for today is the beautiful skin Al Vulo has as a group gift. The skin is called Eleanor.