Friday, December 7, 2012

Only 18 days till Christmas...

Today I am going to start with the lovely 60 L$ offers Sascha's Design has on offer this week. You can chose the lovely Ana outfit in black, pants and a very 80th top, or the elegant Pallazio in pink and cream, a beautiful elegant gown.

The next lovely hairdo is a very new release by Tameless. The hair comes in many great colors and in the first week you can grab a one color pack (which holds 4 tones of that color) for just 199 L$ or you can get the fatpack with all colors for just 799 L$. This hairdo is called Reese. The streaks are color change.
Over to the Advent Calendars I follow each day. The first one I go to each day is by Dirty.Little.Secret. They have some great gifts inside their Calendar and you can see the gifts for the upcoming days below.

The next stop is Virtual Impressions. You get great jewelry there, the calendar is GROUP though. The gifts I am showing are from yesterday, there are new ones each day.
And Ginza also has a beautiful necklace in their calender too.
Alice Project gives you some lovely hairdos if you visit their advent calendar ladies. This hair is called Melanie. You get 5 different colrtones with red and green streaks and you get different (mesh) sizes. I am wearing the L size, which is the largest one.
Then I always vosot ALB. Their advent calendar is also group and you get some awesome gifts there. The shoes on the left are for the guys.
Last one is by LaRosa, and today they were giving away these great Angelo earrings. The necklace was a gift yesterday.
Over to the Peace on Earth 5 Hunt. If you decide to go hunting ladies, you are looking for a globe with a white dove in this hunt. There is a LINK & HINT page available which is a great help!
I went to MEB Fashion to look for the globe and inside I found this great outfit in black & white. Love the pants :) The shoes are included.
Then I went to K-Code to find this great top & pants set inside their globe of this great POE5 hunt. Shoes by Baby Monkey.
Over to Kitty from Paris. They are also participating in the POE 5 hunt and if you can locate the globe at their store you will get this great pants & top set.
Another great top & pants set is the one Hasi's has put up as a gift in the POE hunt. It is a lovely pink set, so great to wear. I am wearing another gift in the POE5 hunt with this lovely outfit: the shoes Lindy's Shoes has hidden inside their globe from this hunt. If you want either the shoes or the lovely outfit: Go hunting ladies !! Oh and by the way...Lindy's Shoes is spoiling us with TWO pairs of shoes.

Then I got this great cardigan at Dot Be Fashion. It is hidden inside the globe of the POE 5 hunt ladies, you only have to find it if you want to wear this great cardigan with your jeans or skirts. The shirt and jeans are by HOC industries (free).
The last one for today is the lovely jacket Lash Ware has put insid etheir globe of the POE 5 hunt. It is a great jacket and easy to wear. Just find that globe ladies.

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