Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Only 21 days till Christmas...

There are just 21 days left till Christmas and there is so much to blog! In the Netherlands we usually do not celebrate Christmas with presents. We have Sinterklaas on December 5th. You can read all about it HERE. Now why did I tell you this? No clue, maybe just to show you that other countries have other celebrations?
Anyway, we do have advent calendars! I want to start today with 22769. They are participating in the Womenstuff hunt and the teeshirts changed from red to pink with new presents. This is the one you can find inside the teeshirt at 22769. The lovely shoes are by N-Cire (not free) and the necklace is by Divinity but it is available at the Designer Circle at the moment for 99 L$ together with a short version and lovely bracelets.

22769 also is participating in the With Love hunt. You can read all about it HERE (the hunt item, a red jewelry box, is shown there too). And this is what you will find inside that box at 22769.

And now for their Advent Calendar. I will show you the gifts for the first 6 days...they are all stunning! Thank you so much 22769!

Over to the advent calendar at Dirty.Little.Secret. I am showing you the gifts for the first 5 days and these ones are to die for...you should not miss them ladies !! Thank you Tash.

Then I went back to the Designer Circle ladies. P.I.X.X.I.S. has this great bracelet as a dollarbie (1 L$) there, and they also have these great duffle coats at the Designer Circle. They are available in moss or mustard and all at the Designer Circle is 100 L$ or less ! The pants and top are freebies by HOC Industries. Booties are by Baby Monkey (not free, but very affordable).

{ThirteenTh} is also participating in the Designer Circle and they have this YOU WISH tattoo there on offer and also a very cute Dead Pumkpin top.

The last item for today are the boots Nizhi has at their store. They are called Aurelia boots and they come in 9 colors. They are a NEW RELEASE so not free, but perfect for fall!!! And for those who are in the Nizhi group: the light brown boots are a group gift!


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