Friday, December 21, 2012

Only 4 days till Christmas...

Each Friday the 60 L$ offers and the weekly gown offer at Sascha's Design change and today is Friday so I will start with showing you these offers. And then I will show you the newest releases by Tameless hair and finally I will catch up with the Advent Calendars I follow...sorry...can't blog them each day...
So here goes...the 60 L$ offers for this week at Sascha's design. There are 5 this week, three versions of the lovely Angelheart gown, a sweet cocktail dress called Veronique and a great black & white coat. Each just for 60 L$ ladies!

And the weekly half price gown is the lovely Arrogance in a beautiful shade of red. And you can get either the FORMAL version (this week only 300 L$), which is perfect for the Christmas days, or the CASUAL version (this week only 150 L$), which is perfect for the days in between! Each half their original price this week! You can find it at Sascha's Design.

Tameless has released some beautiful hair again and you all know how much I love Tameless hair! Nita has made a great Hannah hairdo with a warm cap which is color change and she also released the stunning Maycee hair with faded tips. NEW release, so not free, but very affordable ladies !

Then my friend Alehandrita told me about the great free hair at Magika! That is really nice Christmas hair, and the good thing is Magika is also haing a hughe sale too. The lovely necklace is by Lazuri (Queen of Hearts) and the gems and metal are color change.
I promissed you to catch up with the Advent Calendars and I will below. The gifts are from previous days and no longer available, but you will get the idea of what gifts you get at the stores.
Let me start with BabyMonkey because their gifts are group only but they are all still available. BabyMonkey is having 12 days to Christmas gifts under their tree.

The next gifts are by LaRosa.

These gifts are by Alice Project.
These gifts are by Virtual Impressions (group only).

And these ones are by Ginza.

The last gifts are by Earthstones jewelry. They have some presents under the tree and hey have a few lucky presents under the tree too.