Monday, December 17, 2012

Only 8 days till Christmas...

I am really running behind with the advent calendars and the 12 days to Christmas things, The Flawless 12 days of Christmas fair and with the Peace on Earth 5 hunt too! So I am trying to catch up on this blog. Sorry ladies, but I have so much to blog that I lost track a bit.

Let me start with the POE 5 hunt. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful if you get stuck! And you are looking for a globe with a white dove in this hunt. The hunt runs till December 31st.
I landed at Dragonladies Closet and she has this awesome gown hidden inside her globe of this hunt ! Wow it is amazing !! Go find that globe ladies if you want to wear it too.

Dragonladies Closet is also participating in the Flawless 12 days of Christmas fair. All participating designers offer a special item on their stalls and they also participate in the Flawless 12 days hunt. You have to find a candy cane in this hunt ! This fair runs till December 24th, so don't wait too long!
The beautiful jewelry I am wearing with these outfits is the Noor set by Lazuri. It is not free, but it is color change by touch and you can change the metal and the gems sooo easy!

Back to the POE 5 hunt ladies... I went to ALB. They have this great gown as a gift in the POE 5 hunt so what are you waiting for? Go hunting! And while you are there, take a look at the ALB Advent Calendar! You get a great new gift every day and the one I am showing you is from the previous days.

ShuShu is also participating in the POE 5 hunt and if you can locate the globe at their store this elegant outfit is yours, including the lovely booties.
The next stop was J-Stylez and they also have a beautiful gown hidden inside their globe ! Perfect in this month with lots of parties and dances ladies.
I love to get a few new gowns in the December month ladies and Cero Style has this beauty as a gift hidden inside their globe of the POE 5 hunt. Wow...I will be the belle of the ball!
Over to more casual outfits, because you can find those too in the POE 5 hunt ! How about this great set by Crystal line. You only have to find that globe to get it! The beautiful boots are included.
Or you can hop over to Innuendo Italian Style, and try and find the globe at heir store! If you do find it this outfit is yours ! The boots with this outfit are also included.
Over to Hinako. They are participating in the End of the World fair and they have this great hair there! It comes in many colors and the cap is included (attached to the hair).

These cute flats are a gift send out in the FabFree group by Abia Capalini. Lovely ballet flats, but also perfect to wear if you have oplanned an easy evening on the couch.
Last one for today are the great gifts Ginza has had the last few days in their Advent Calendar. You get a great new gift every day, so it is worth it to take a look there ladies!