Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The sun is shining and I found lots of bargains

We have beautiful spring weather here in the Netherlands (actually more summer weather) and I was shopping all over SL and found some really nice stuff.
I found this GREAT dress at Morea Style. It is thier group gift for AMAZING.

This lovely gown is a subscribo present at Paris Metro. I love the elegancy of this gown...simply irrisistable :)

And how about this great dress by My Precious? Agnes Finney has a lovely subscribo gift at her store AND a lot of 10 L$ dresses. The purple one is a 10 L one, the ones in the gazebo too.

10 L$ dresses and gowns at My Precious.

I styled the dress by My Precious with corsets I found at Modavia. They are by Gems & Kisses and come in red or black.

Modavia has some more great gifts. This one is by House of Fox, a lovely black and white cocktail dress.

House of Fox also has a very nice group gift at their main store. You get it as a subscribo gift. (check subscribo history, note #6)
WOW amazing bags !!
The lovely delecate scarfs I am wearing on this picture are by ME accesoires  (they are NOT FREE). They come in various colors (more than I am showing) and they go GREAT with the tops by Jane (which are free in all colors) and with the House of Fox bags :) Ready to go shopping?

I am also wearing the very elegant bags from House of Fox with a dress I found at Couture Boulevard. I have blogged Couture Boulevard a few months ago but they still have all those GREAT gifts at their landing point. Hair, shoes, clothes, belts, jewelry...hop over and just grab what you like ladies. And thank you generous designers at Couture Boulevard (everything shown below is form their gifts).

I am still experimenting with new skins and this one is a new release by Iren (not free). I do not change my shape when I get a new skin...and I only alter my shape a bit if it is REALLY neccessary...This great skin is for sale for only 75 L$ ! You can find this skin at the Fashion Garret.

I got a cute present by Urban Girl (the whole group got it, not only me). I got these boots in a lot of colors...aren't they very sturdy? Join th egroup and check notices and then look around...this is their 10 L$ store !!!

I am wearing the cute boots with older jeans and with the group gift by Zenith, lovely pullovers in bordeaux and blue.

The last dress for today is by Violent Chemicals. This great black dress is called Dawn...

Happy shopping ladies :)

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