Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just a few leftovers from my inventory today ladies. Let me start with the lovely MM gift at Dryad. WOW what an amazing set, lovely red flowers ! And I got the group gift by Dryad too, an elegant hairpiece to wear with your gowns.

Then I went to BabyMonkey. You all know by now that I love their shoes, but they also have clothes and accesoiries...and bare feet and realistic hands too.
Pixieplumb has redone the whole shop and I want to show you her new group gifts and Lucky chair gifts.
This lovely set, earrings necklace and bracelets is called Surf jewelry and it is a group gift.

These shoes, called Elisa, are the newest group gift, the ones below them are older group gifts (still availabel at the store).

These sexy shoes are a gift from the MM board at BabyMonkey.
And the cute dresses are a gift from the lucky chair at BabyMonkey.

And these Amy booties are a new release by BabyMonkey (not free). You get this boot in BLUE as a group gift.

I got some more shoes by Deviant Design. They have them as group gifts at their store entrance. Joining is free though :) and you do not only get the shoes..you also get hair, and lots of dresses :)

Henna paintings on your hands, also a group gift.

Then I wanted to get more hair and YAY LAMB has 2 lovely freebies at their store...you can get them in each color pack you like...and yes I got the RED ones. They also have a GREAT hair in blond in their subscribo.

Ray Skin also has some great hair in their Lucky Boards. You have to wear a group tag though. I didn't only get hair, I also got a kinda Japanese version of a cowgirl :) AND I got these great jeans overalls. The detailing is A-MA-ZING ! Also from the lucky boards at Ray Skin.

The next cute dress is by RuRu. You have to find a tiny bird (look in the boat :)) and click it, and this lovely purple dress is yours.

This elegant cocktail dress is by Fabienne Bolissima design and it is a gift from their Midnight Mania board. WOW it is so elegant and sooo tight :) I can hardly walk in it...but sexy as hell.

The last one for today is a lovely spring gown by Elemiah design. You can wear it as a gown but also as a baby doll top with capri pants. It has a real spring feel to it...LOVE it...


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