Friday, May 6, 2011

More Mix ( mind is blank...)

Titles are a big issue for me, just as describing lovely dresses. My native language is not English and I only know a few words to describe all those lovely, elegant and sexy presents the designers have for us.
I am trying though...(any help would be appreciated !)

Today I went to Donna Flora. I love her designs and she is so generous and gives out many presents. These are dollarbies at ther store. Aren't they GREAT? There are many more, jump over and have a look !

Graffitti wear has new gifts in their Midnight Mania board, their lucky board and the lucky dip. AND there is a gift from the Dare2Bare hunt (find the big blue two) at their store :) The cute red dress is from the hunt. The blue dress from their MM board. The red and white set is called Crepe Suzette and is a new release and is NOT FREE.
The cute white boots are a new release by BabyMonkey.

Talking about BabyMonkey...they have an outlet shop HERE, but in the main shop you can find this very cute new release. The shoes are called Selene Boot and the metal parts are color change. WOW they are amazing, look at the detailed zipper ! (not free though, but affordable).

Then I got this lovely dress at Petit Chat. There is a balloon to find there and it hides this present inside. I have no clue how that hunt is called with the balloons, but there is a sign at the shop.

The FabFree group has reached the 20.000 mark ...and lots of designers are giving away lovely presents to the members. These are the gifts by STC (Sweeter than Candy). Thank you so much :) Candice :)
To get them: join the Fabfree group and check notices.

The Peephole has 3 lovley freebies for us all and YAY we are ready for summer :) wearing sunglasses, a nice scarf (comes in several colors and textures) en sexy red and black flats :)
The top is by Jane and also free in all colors.

Bubblez has some new items in their lucky boards. I love this very elegant black gown...and the skin is also very very cute. Comes with a shape, but I never change my shape (I just make little adaptions if neccessary). So the skin will look much better with the included shape :)

Some more very elegant skins ...these ones are by JeSyLiLo. You know I am experimenting with a new skin...and these ones WOW....It is a GREAT skin (NOT FREE !!!) The skin is called Yummy and it sure is :)

I know Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) mainly because they have great hair. This time I am blogging their group gift and their THANK YOU gift to their customers. WOW their outfits are just as amazing as their hair !!!
THANK YOU Present.

Group gift May (comes with a tail too)
So what else did I get?
The group gift by Bliss what an amazing gown :) It moves like a cloud and it is such a great soft color. Thank you so much Bliss :)

And the last 2 items are from the BSC (Best selling creations, find the LOW sign). The sexy little dress with leggings is from Naught Naughty. The belly chain is by Southern Charm :)

Happy shopping ladies :)

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