Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rest of the role playing gowns....

Like I promissed: here is the rest of the gowns I found while looking for role playing items :)
Madison has this great green gown called Bonnie at their Marketplace. The hair is by Alli & Ali (Calita) and will cost you 1 L$.

Another lovely gown, also by Madison, is this white gown. The white hair by Liza goes great with it (Liza hair on Maketplace, 1 L$).

The red gown by Grimorio is LOVELY...I love the sleek skirt and the romantic feel to this gown :) It is actually a Christmas gown, but ...ah well....1 L$ ladies for this lovely gown.
And Black Opal has a corset gown which is also perfect for role playing, but you can go dancing in this lovely gown too :) The lace front of this gown is gorgious.
I kept looking on Marketplace and I found this black gown, called Opera Gown. It is by Leigh and it is lovely.

This gown is called Misstress of the House. I wonder why? I love the Liza hair with this gown. It comes with the necklace.

Kendrix Darkstone has some lovely Victorian gowns on Marketplace. You get TWO in one free package...and one comes with an umbrella too. The name of the gowns is Sapphire.

Another lovely gown is by Seldom Blue. I love their design and this one was on Marketplace. The gown is called Isabella. The top is lovely detailed.

SSF has this great gown on Marketplace. It was a gift in a hunt, looking at the name, but it is perfect for roleplaying.

Wunderlich has a lovely maid gown on Marketplace. It looks like cotton, and it is simply great. It comes with shoes too (under the skirt..)

The last gown is quite complex. As a matter of fact is is a simple gown, a huntress gown. It is by SH Outlander and it is called Viking dress. But what I did is this: I found some lovely tops on Marketplace and I styled the Viking skirt with these tops. But first the original dress.

Then I got these sexy tops in white and off white. They are by L&A and I am wearing them with and without the corset of the Viking dress. They come with panties too (actually it is underware).

And I found some more tops...very elegant and sexy. They are by Aras and you can wear them ofcourse with jeans too.


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