Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Freebie mix

Today I got a little bit of everything: hair, skins, clothes, shoes.... and I have no clue where to start, so I will just go for it and hope you will like all the stuff I found.
This cute hair is alucky chair gift by D!va hair :)
You can wear it with a scarf (and the scarf is colorchange) and with an extra tail or a forelock :)

And this cute hair is from the lucky chair at Heart Softens. (2 different styles)

Lelutka is giving away a GREAT skin...with several hairbases as an extra. Thank you so much Lelutka ! You can find this skin at Modavia.

Also at Modavia you get this skin by Glam Affair. It comes also with hair bases and with pubic hair (not shown for obvious reasons).
Group tag is needed, joining is free.

And this cute Asian skin is a gift from the lucky board at Mamboo Chick.

The next make up is from LpD (Les petit Details) You get kohl for free and lipsticks for free. I am showing you the make up on the Lelutka skin. I actually like this skin but it's not very good on pics allas.

At LpD you also get this cute dress for free :) AND you get the cute hat and bag which I am wearing with the free bikini by Lushius Catz which they gave away in the LOW group. If you are in this group, check notices :)

The bare feet are a gift in the PCH hunt, at Zero Cool. You have to find a little box with a crown on it (Perfect couple hunt). The hint is: kneel for your goddess...and really: you have to kneel and stay kneeled for a bit....

And talking about feet: these cute pumops with a little bow are by Evergreen from their Lucky Board...they have a group gift too, the lovely blouse :)

Adoness is participating in the SSH hunt and when you find the little star...I love the emerald green dress with the jacket, it is very detailed.

This next dress is also green and a freebie for the LOW group members at Piece of mind. It comes with the green boots.

I went over to M*Motion and they had to my surprise, a green dress on their Lucky Boards. There are 3 lucky boards and YAY I got all three....see below :)

This very elegant dress is a group gift at Bubblez. I just wanted to show it to you because it is such a lovely spring dress...Bubblez has many group gifts and also lots of lucky boards (the letters change fast) so it is worth to go there and spend some time waiting ;)

Snatch also has a summer dress in white at their store. It is free.

This lovely gown is a present at Cillian Angel. It is perfect for s pring dance...flows beautiful when you are dancing. The cute braceklet goes perfectly with the it by Eden jewelry at Paris Eiffel, a GREAT romantic sim...take your love there to take a walk :)

Also at Paris Eiffel is Alafolie. They have this sexy short dress in their store as a gift.

Then I went over to Toxic Bish. The Alafolie dress woke the bitch in me :)
Toxic Bish has a lot of freebies, as a matter of fact they have a special part in the store ONLY for freebies. I got 2 outfits and a lovely necklace, but again: there is plenty more.

Another store with lots of freebies is E! design. They have several lucky boards but also plenty freebies to get. I got the blue jeans dress from the lucky boards, the rest are freebies.

Last shop for today is Icewerk. They have tigh high boots in black leather as a gift but there are some other freebies too.

That was it for today ladies.

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