Friday, May 13, 2011

Free Dove

AS Blogger had major difficulties I lost my blog from 5-12-2011. I appologise , but I really could not help it.
I will put everything back as soon as I can.

When I was a very newbie one of the first shops I went to was Free Dove. And believe it or not: it still exists. Lots of great designers offer new arrivers (and old addicts like me) still very nice clothes, hair, shoes, skins, shapes, name it.
A while ago the Free Dove designers changed the gifts and I went there to see what you get if you are a newbie (or, like I said, an old addict).
This lovely hair is by one of my favorites A&A (Alli & Ali design).
I am giving you different links to Free Dove, you will land in the region of the gift.

And there are more shops who give you hair, like LaLaMoon. The necklace and earrings are free by Eolande (see below)

Darkmouse also gives you great hair in all colors (not showing you all)

I am showing you the necklace and earrings by Eolande again, but better :)

Elate is very generous, they give you 3 different outfits, a short cute dress called Danni, a black feather skirt with 4 tops called Emily (I styled it with a free skirt by Jane) and another summer dress in 2 shades, called Lise.

This cute handbag to go with all your outfits is by VINDALU.

Another very cute dress is a gift by Apple May. In her store you can also find AMAZING skins.

MMayako has also 2 gifts at Free Dove and boy are they worth to get ! A lovely dress with bangles, which I styled with the hair-with-hat from Mimi's choice (free), and a lovely blue dress with pearl necklace and flipflops. MMayako has their gifts in 2 spots, this is the link to the second spot.

Insolence ...that is where I got my first skin...but she also designs the most sexy and elegant lingerie. And guess what? You get a set for free at Free Dove.

Digital Knickers has this red sexy dress for you if you can find it in the Free Dove store :)

Ofcourse you need shoes to go with your outfits. DUH gives you these elegant booties. They go so well with jeans.

And theze wedges are by Bailers Outfitters.

Then - ofcourse - you cannot pass the shoes by BabyMonkey...they are just the best and go with every dress or outfit you have !

And the last thing I found is this amazing gown by Mystic Sky. Comes with a yello cape but I liked it better without the cape. Also perfect for role playing.

Happy shopping at Free Dove ladies !!!

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