Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skin & Shape fair and lots of other skins, make up and eyes.

Today my blog will be all about skins and this time all free ladies :)

I went to the Shape & skin fair and I got this great set of jewelry by EXODI. They also have a set of eyes for free at their shop at teh Shape & Skin Fair.

OK that was not really a skin...but this one is and I got it from Snow Rabbit. It comes with a demo shape, I am showing you the skin on my normal avatar (with my own shape) and with the demo version.

Then I got another skin by Nuuna Skins. It is a goth type skin, very pale, and it comes with 2 types of cleavage.

This next skin is a gift by Esk Imo. It has a lovely make up :)

Talking about make-up: Leafy has this great make-up for you as a gift on the Shape & Skin Fair.

Adam & Eve also have make-up or face tattoo, whatever you call it as a gift on the fair. The gift includes nail polish in 2 colors for hands and feet. And 2 colors of eyes.

American Bazaar is NOT on the Shape & Skin fair but they do have a new released set of make up. It is not free, but I still wanted to show you it :)
It is called Cherrypie lipstick & blush set.

Rockberry has GREAT eyes as a gift on the Shape & Skin Fair. I am not showing you all colors, just a few...but they sparkle like stars :)

And Moonlight Shapes and eyes has these lovely dark eyes as a gift. But not only the eyes, also a curvy shape :)

Another shape is a gift by Ample Avi. It is a curved shape too :)

That was it from the Shape & Skin Fair, thank you all designers :)
But I went to Huwa Yura and they have these 2 lovely skins as a group gift :) (they also have dresses but I will blog those tomorrow).

And last but not least I went to the many many lucky boards of Mother Goose and I got all the lovely skins I am showing you below. They are all very different and you have to be lucky to get the one you really want...but after all they are great skins :)

Happy SKIN shopping ladies :)

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