Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hair, skins, make up and dresses :)

Alli & ali design has a lot of new gifts and dollarbies and as you know I am CRAZY about hair (and skins, and shoes...ok I am crazy about a LOT).
So here goes:

These ones are the new VOTING gifts at the main store. Louisiana in blond and Erin in rust brown.

And these ones are the new GROUP gifts at the main store. Brainna in black and Erin in light copper.

And the next ones are 1 L$ offers on Marketstreet (the SLURL is below every picture)

ERIN on the left, FREYA on the right

                                                 KIMBA in the lower pic, Louisiana in the top pic. 

Paulina on th left, Anastasia on the right.
And this is MINA a new release by Alli & Ali design, tips in 11 colors.

Ray Skin has this cute hair on their Lucky Boards (group tag needed for some boards).

I am wearing PERCEPTION make up with all A&A hairs above....Perception also has some new skin releases and as I am still trying out new skins, this was a great opportunity to try the ones by PERCEPTION.
The top one is their GROUP GIFT (not sure if joining is free !!!) The SKINS are not free.

I got these lovely jewels at Gem Elegance and believe it or not: they are FREE.

Then I jumped over to The Secret Store and they have a few very nice freebies, tops, tights in orange and purple, striped pants and a lovely dress.

I am wearing the striped pants from The Secret Store with the cute top I got from the Lucky Board at Zenith. The hair is from a lucky chair at Ray Skin.

This jacket is also from the lucky chair at Zenith (group tag needed for the lucky chairs, but joining is free).

This dress is a gift by Cashmere...hmmm looks good don't you think?

Ashli design has these 2 dresses in store...the top one is a free dress, the other one is a gift in the BSC hunt (find the LOW sign).

Last one for today is Mischief. I was always a great fan of their design when Janey Marlowe was their designer. But the new designs are very nice too...and guess what? these dresses are free ! Can you believe that?


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