Monday, May 9, 2011

Mayflower hunt at SIMPLY and Couture Chapeau with EMOtions hair :)

Couture Chapeau gives away this lovely hippie dress as a mothesday gift. No clue how long it will be there, so you have to be FAST !
I am wearing a new release by EMOtions hair with it, the AnnaBell (not free, but it goes great with hippy style. Hair band is color change).

The green top I am wearing with the EMOtions hair is part of a new release by Simply.
You can see it below. I styled it with a necklace which is a group gift of the Annoying Japanese Children group. (check notices after you joined the group).

Simply is having a Mayflower hunt (you have to find a red rose). There are 40 hidden all over the shop, some are easy to spot, some you really have to look for. In each one is a present. There are 15 with gestures inside (I do not blog gestures) and the rest has either clothes or jewelry inside.
I am showing you below what I found there and just to help you out I will give the landmark to the FIRST rose.

YES this is a dress too !!!

As I am a RL painter I LOVE these hand prints :)



SOCKS only in all colors

HAPPY HUNTING this time ladies :)

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