Sunday, May 8, 2011


I noticed that yesterday my blog was rather black and white with just a dot of color. And I am a colorful person, so today my blog will burst with color :)

Let me start with the group gift by Gizza...WOW that is really COLOR in its ultimate form. Do I like that? YES I do...Thanks Gizza :)

The guys gift however is not colorful at all...maybe beacuse guys just don't like to stand out in a bright pink, yellow or green shirt? Still I love the surf pants and the shirt :) At Gizza guys. And to make it brighter I am wearin bright red hair :)

Paris Metro has a new very lovely gift at their store, a black dress with bright flowers on it...LOVELY. Thanks Paris Metro :) Love the gloves too :)

The next dress is a group gift by Ruxy. They have this lovely red dressy for you if you join the group. Walk over to the skin department and you get these GREAT colorful skins too as a group gift :)

I got some more very nice skins by Arata Shouten. They were in her lucky chair :) So be patient and wait a while...

The next skins are by Miss Roux. I blogged her skins before, they are great. This one includes tattoos :) WOW !! 
(They are NOT FREE).

This skin is a lazy sunday special (75 L$) by JeSyLiLo. Hmmm ...just on sunday so hurry.

These color change hair ties are by Pritty. They go with every outfit, you simply chose edit -> texture tab -> change the colr there.

SLC has a new group gift in their store and it is a very pretty elegant dress, perfect to go shopping or just to walk around with your friends. It makes me simply smile. Joining the group is not free though, it costs you 50 L$.

Vogue has this very elegant free dress in store...WOW not much color, but it is a fabulous dress :) I styled it with lovely pink pearls and sexy shoes by BabyMonkey.

And JayCee has a sexy pants and top set for free at their store. The shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free).

Last shop for today: I hopped over to Velvet Rythms and they have a lot of MM board and lucky chairs. What I got there is all from the Midnight Mania boards...I wasn't lucky at the lucky chairs :)
To click them you need the group tag, but joining is free.

Shirt is from Marketplace, called HONEY. Shoes by BabyMonkey (not free).

Happy shopping ladies :)

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