Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mix Mix Mix

I have a lot of leftovers in my inventory and I really need to blog them for you all...
Some items are from the Where is...? hunt, some are group gifts or lucky chair let me get started and not keep chatting here :)

This sexy little black dress is by Holly Pocket and it is a gift in the Where is...? hunt. You have to find the donut in the shop to get it, but then you will look stunning :)
The jewelry is an older freebie by Ganked (new one available at the store).
The hair is KIMBA in dark rose, it is by Alli & Ali design and can temporarily be bought on Marketplace for 1 L$.

The next cute white dress (gotta love the contrast with the black dress) is by Cynful and it is the starting point of the Where is...? hunt. So find the donut to wear white ladies :) The shoes are a new (not free) release by BabyMonkey.

I found another white dress in the Where is...? hunt at Deetalez, it is a short dress to wear over a lovely included bikini. You can chose to wear it wet ot dry :) Find the donut to get it :)

And yet another white dress, this time by Sassy Kitty.
It is a lovely handkerchief dress, I love the soft pale colors.

Sassy Kitty also has two MM boards at their store and YAY they closed and I got these 2 great outfits :)
The hair is Freya by Alli & Ali design and it is on special offer in May on Marketplace for 1 L$.

The jewelry is by Arata Shouten (dollarbie, 1 L$) and it is color change.
Flats by BabyMonkey.
The hair worn with the American bikini's is also by Alli & Ali and it is called Erin and it is the voting gift at the mainstore.

I got a few lovely tops, gifts in the Where is...? hunt (find the donut, do NOT eat them or you won't fit in the items you found at the end of the hunt).
The top on top is by C.Smith. The top on the bottom is by Candydoll.

Berries is also participating in the Where is...? hunt and they also hid a lovely top in the donut. It is the light blue one. The top and bra one is by Xplosion and you can wear it in different ways.

Arnadi also has a cute top hidden in the donut, a black Teeshirt with dirty red sneakers on it.
The open pants which come with a black and a white thong are by Moloko and yes, again hidden in a donut.
I styled the tee and pants with BabyMonkey shoes, but you can also wear the red sneakers with this outfit. I found them in a donut too, this time at Balkanik.

And this outfit with hair, berret, pants and top is by Silenced. Again...find the donut :) Shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free).

OK enough with the hunting. I do understand that you had more than enough donuts.
Let me show you a LOVELY necklace, earrings and bracelet set from the MM board at Dryad. I simply love their is colorful and lovely.

The last thing for today is hair by ChiChickie. It has been my favorite hairshop ever since I lost my complete inventory as a newbie, and I had no clue that I had to clear cache...and I had no hair to wear either. Chichikie had free hair at that time and until I found out how to clear cache I was wearing their free hair :) Took me ages, believe me.
This one is not free, but I know there was a secret sale going on and lots of hairstyles were marked down to 10 L$. The name of this updo is Rosita.


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