Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jewelry. Outfits. And NO shoes, hair or skins.

Today I am going to start with something I hardly ever do: with a necklace from Finesmith which is NOT free. You have to pay 10 L$ for it, but it is such an elegant well made necklace that I really wanted to blog it.
I found some more jewelry but the rest I can assure you is FREE.
This GREAT necklace and eaaring AND bracelets (not on the pic) are by GANKED. WOW...I love Ganked jewelry. While you are at the store don't forget to click their MM board and take a look at their lucky might get another GREAT set !

These nice sets are by Lapointe & Bastchild and they come in silver or gold. Where I am wearing the silver chain necklace I am also wearing free earrings, which come in 3 different colors.

Somehow the BSC hunt is irrisistable to me. The outfits you get are so great, I simply love doing this hunt. We all know that in some hunts you trhow more away than you keep...but these are all keepers.
This lovely set of earrings is a gift from the BSC (Best selling Creations) hunt (get on the list at the shop, then find the LOW sign and buy it for 0 L$).
It is a generous gift from NaNA.

Another set of earrings is a gift at Bella Roche.

This great neacklace is NOT from the BSC hunt but it is from the MM board of Moda di Roma. They do participate in the BSC hunt and if you find the LOW sign you get this Egyptian outfit (the black top is NOT included, but the hair is included, so are the shoes).

D'Nanavis also has the LOW sign hidden in their store and they put this elegant yet sexy gown inside it. Go find it ladies. Shoes are a new release by BabyMonkey (not free).

This next gown you can find at Ashli design. Again an item from the BSC hunt. I didn't even ASK how this gown stays up....WOW do I feel sexy in it.

Over to the more casual outfits, we can't always wear a gown can we? Well this one is by Cero Style and it is very Olivia Newton John in Grease don't you think?

And these two sexy short dresses are by Trend Style by Emily (the red one) and by Deju Fashionwear (the blue one). They are so easy to wear, and fit every occasion. You just have to find the LOW sign in their shops :) Easy huh?

Another cute small dress is by O'Sharei. I felt like playing tennis in it...doesn't it look like something you would wear in the court? Also from the BSC hunt.

Olegun gives away this lovely batik dress IF you can find the LOW sign at their store. It looks very eastern to me. I love the colors.

Well this is the last one for today girls. It is a set with pants and a jacket and it somehow reminds me of England and hunting parties...the cute boots are by Babymonkey and not free, but very afforadble ;) The shop that is so generous to put this elegant outfit in their LOW sign is Galeria.

HAPPY HUNTING and enjoy your day :)

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