Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you love Ice Cream?

The Ice Cream Hunt has started and if there is ice cream around, believe me: I can find it. So while I was shopping at Demons & Angels and Belote I found 2 ice cream cones. Inside the Demons & Angels one was ice cream HAIR and an ice cream strawberry bag. Inside the Belote one was a lovely top :) The hunt is called ICSH and you are looking for an ice cream cone.

MunSpain also takes part in the Icre Cream hunt. They have this sexy outfit hidden in the cone, with a colorful skin and tongue. And if you look closely you will see that there is a tiny ice cream cone on the tongue.

Miss Murder has a lovely skin hidden in the ice cream cone. Ofcourse with smudged face. That is what you get if you eat chocolate ice cream :) She also included an ice cream in mouth.

The last thing I found in the Ice cream hunt is by Esther Jen clothing. It is a lovely pink shirt and jeans. With the jeans I am wearing the hair I got at Heart Softens, and the shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free).

The hair is a lucky chair gift for group members at Heart Softens. They have 2 lucky chairs, each with different hair. AND they have a lovely gift for their group members because they reached 7000 group members ! Congratulations Heart Softens :)

Talking about hair: This lovely WINDY hair is a free gift at Bishwear. Buy the demo, the free hair is inside the DEMO.

I foound a few very nice items at Marketplace yesterday. This one is by IA design and you get a lovely teeshirt, I think it is Betty Boop printed on the shirt, and 3 different pairs of jeans (I couldn't spot the difference though) and a belt. I am wearing shoes by Censored with the jeans (look below)

The lovely shoes come in several colors and textures. I really love them but...not free (50 L$ per pair) Censored.

The next item is also from Marketplace. It is sexy lingerie and yesterday I was wearing it with one of de medieval gowns as a top. But actually is is just sexy...made by L&A.

Another find on Marketplace are the next lovely cocktail dresses.
The red one is called Luisa and it is by Augusta Creations. I am wearing earrings with this dress by A.S.S. And shoes by Censored :)

The next dress is also by Augusta Creations and is called Lulu.

The last dress is called Sofia, also by Augusta Creations. You can wear it short, long or see through :)

The next dress is a new release by Unique Clothing. I couldn't resist this one, it is such a lovely sexy dress and the shoes are to die for (they come with the dress). It is a gift if you are a member of the LOW group.
Unique has lucky chairs and MM board at their store, so worth to hop over and take a look ladies.

Talking about shoes: I stood at Bootgasm for a while. They have 4 lucky chairs and a MM board to click. The pink shoes are from the MM board, the red boots from the lucky chairs.

Rush has this lovely beige dress as a gift at their store. It is a thank you dress to all their customers. I styled it with the subscribo gift by Ribbons ( a lovely cute bag) and the mini mania gift by Grumble, the lovely bangles. Rush also has a few lovely tops for free at their store.

I have just a few things left to blog ladies, first a very sexy leather dress which you can wear with a more closed top or very revealing. It is by FemDom and you will find it at the Dominion.

I have a top and skirt left from Marketplace. It is by Roxy clothing and the top is very hippie. LOVE it for spring.

The last top is by Arnadi and it is a dollarbie (1 L$). I love this top, it is so colorful and makes me smile when I wear it. :)

That was it for today ladies.

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