Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ohh I feel so beautiful :)

Let me start with some bad news: Avon & Alpha are closing down. They have beautiful jewelry at their store and also scarfs, booties and hairbands.
They have a closing down sale for the time being and everything in the shop is either free or 1 L$...and look what I got :)
But there is much more at the shop !

Then I got this GREAT jewelry by Finesmith. They have contests for their group members every once in a while. For a short period you can get some free jewelry, like the one I got, and you have to style it. Then you come back to the store and you give Yula a picture of the styled jewelry. I was too late to give the pic...but hey...don't I look great? (the jewelry is COLORCHANGE!)

BC is giving away a lovely skin WITH a sexy outfit to their group members. Wow it is a lovely skin and nice capris with top.

The cute black shoes are a group gift at SLINK. They have great shoes and even greater bare feet (but expensive!) These shoes are a freebie if you join the subcriber group.

Last one for today...the group gift by ENVY. Don't forget to click their MM board and don;t forget their lucky chairs ladies, great stuff inside I can assure you (I have blogged it before).


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