Tuesday, May 3, 2011

lots of skins...and a scary face...

There are days you only find outfits, or shoes, or hair...but today it seemed I found skins everywhere :)
So I wanted to show you all the skins but hey....I need a beauty treatment before I do...shopping all day takes its toll :)
So I took a facial...thank you so much Sue for TPing me...
And then I decided I needed a mud mask too...but I couldn'd decide what color robe to wear (package of 3 robes is 1 L$) ...it comes in white, pink and blue. You can find it at Bare Rose, together with both masks.

On the counter you also can find this lovely jewelry set :) and the hibiscus flower to wear in your hair after your beauty mask.

The most funny thing you can get there are fake hipshades. I have been standing there contemplating if I would get them....ok don't laugh you all !

Then I went to Mamboo chic, where I got a lovely group gift skin. It is next to the group joiner. And while I was there YAY an R on the lucky board :) The hair is ERIN by Alli & Ali design (blogged yesterday, it's a voting present)

This next skin is the Anna skin by FACES. This skin is NOT FREE, but it comes with so many options that I wanted to show you it. it comes with lots of layers, for cleavage, mouth open or closed...and many skin colors ( just showing you a few because I usually wear a pale skin)

This next skins are by Miss Roux. One is a group gift, the other is a gift in the Fashion Victim hunt (find the white flower). There is also a MM board and free eyes.

Did I find more skins? Yes I did because I was doing the Where is...? hunt (find the donut)
I found the donut at JeSyLiLo and got this lovely skin in 2 variations, with and without cleavage.

And Al Vulo is also participating in the Where is ....? hunt and when you find the donut you will not only get a sweet bite, but also this great skin :) Hint from me: look UP....

You can hop over to MunSpain too, they have a great skin and shape in their MM board. It didn't close for me so you have to click it yourself to see the skin (they also have GREAT sunglasses on their other MM board)

These skins are by Filthy Skins and they are hidden inside the donut from the Where is...? hunt.

I got one more very extraordinary skin. It is by 22769, and they have put this skin and the outfit up for the Supernatrual hunt. So go hunting ladies (or gents, there is a male version too) if you want to look like an elegant sea creature :)

To wear with all these skins I got these gift from Glamorize :)
I got the lovely lipstick from their MM board (5 colors) and from their Lucky board (so many colors that I couldn't blog them all)...and then I also got the elegant jewelry set, also from the lucky board.

If you are more into tattoos, go find the donut at Nestle my Bosom and you will get this tattoo...

Or find the donut at Para design and get these light, medium and dark arm tattoos :)

Yes I found even more tattoos ...at Yulicie as a gift. They also participate in the Where is...? hunt and when you find the donut you get this sexy top ( a shade top, a purple one) or pasties...

With your skins you need to wear underware to...so here are some sexy panties...the ones on the top are by Sourires. They are a gift in the Where is...? hunt (find the donut)
The tops are by Saschas Design and not free (50 L$).
The ones in the middle are by Damned and they are a gift...yes you guessed it: the Where is ...? hunt....you get a DONUT with the panties LOL.
The red tops are by Jane. They are free and come in all colors.

That was it for today ladies. HAPPY SHOPPING !!!

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