Saturday, May 14, 2011

Skate & Surf Hunt

Today the SKATE & SURF hunt starts and it starts at 22769. I am gving you a preview of what you can find iin this hunt YAY ! Well if you start at 22769 you get this cute hunting outfit if you are in the What's the News Group....very nice to wear while you are hunting :)
And what are you looking for? A SURFBOARD ofcourse :) (see pic)

If you are at 22769, please don't forget to find the surfboard !! The presents you will get are GREAT ...look below !!
(by the way: the striped shirt and surf pants are for males...but hey...I look sexy in them too)

The name of the store where you can find the gift is above the picture with a link.
Lots of bikinis in this hunt, and the first one is by New York Finest :)
The hair I am wearing in this blog is by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) and it's called Danitza. It was a freebie a long time ago. The scarf is color change.

The next bikini is by Alloro and it is a lovely black one. The poses in this picture are also a gift in the SSH by SocialAngtz.

Another bikini, this time in purple is by Before Sleep. Find the surfboard and it is yours :) and so are the flipflops.

This very cute pink bikini is the gift you can find at FB Fabienne Bollissima.

And this sexy bikini is a gift by Ducknipple. LOVE the stripes. But to wear it you have to find the surfboard ladies :)

There is no end to the bikinis in this hunt...but I am not complaing, they are all GREAT. SPL is giving away no less than THREE bikinis in their gift...Splendeurs Surfware.

This next is not really a bikini. I ove the fresh green color. It is a gift by Gaea design..must have been very cold when I took this pic....

HerBerry always has great gifts when they participate in a hunt and this one is no exception. You get this great pink bikini and if you get the guys present by accident too, you get this colorful capri surf set too :)

And Apricot Paws also has a lovely blue bikini hidden in the surfboard. You get the bikini but also a lovely short to wear with the top too. The cute sneakers are by BabyMonkey.

After a day swimming and surfing you want to go shopping or go for dinner or dancing and YAY in this hunt you get at least 2 lovely dresses (I am not blogging ALL the gifts).
This cute pink and white dress with sunglasses is by Abia Capalini IF you find the surfboard at her store.

And this sexy light blue one is by Fuzion Fashion.

OK over to the skater part. I am not a good skater...OUCH I hurt my knee trying to make impressive photographs for you all. (you can find the bloody knee at A.E.Meth).

The outfit I was wearing when I fell from my skateboard and hurt my knee is by [HATE THIS] and boy did I hate it when I fell down :)

If the weather is nice you do not need to wear a thick warm shirt...the outfit by ASS is more than enough on those days :)
LOVE the capris and the top is in wet or dry :)

But if it is colder the hoody by [[[CoGoo]]] is perfect. I am wearing it with the pants I also got in this hunt by Arnadi and the shoes are by BabyMonkey.

Or you could wear the long sleeved Tee by Orquidea. Nice and warm and less risk on bloody elbows :)

Naughty Naughty has a very kewl outfit for the ladies in purple. I love the flowers on it. But if you (ofcourse by accident) get the GUYS present too, you can wear the blue outfit below too. Find the surfboard ladies :)

The Aloro pants look so great with the gift in this hunt by Lets get Dirty. Hmmm feel like skating anyone?

And the outfit by Parx is perfect for skating too. OK I am not an expert as you most likely already discovered. But I do like ALL the presents in this hunt !! THANKS designers :)

Stilecht has this gift hidden in the surfboard.

And this bracelet is actually for GUYS...but it has a reziser menu and YAY I love to wear it too :) I bet you ladies will feel the same. Find the surfboard at JD design and it is yours.

Maybe a wetsuit isn not fit for skating but I am sure it is GREAT when you are surfing. This one is the present in the SSH at Impulse Mall & Subversion menswear ...IF you find the surfboard.

The last one for today girls. A GREAT old fashioned bathing suit...marine stripes, simply irrisistible for me...I got it from Starchild Design in their surfboard.....LOVE IT !!!


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