Monday, May 2, 2011

I am in a very romantic mood :)

It was a very strange day, I found some really really sweet dresses and outfits, so romantic and me into a very romantic mood :)

This lovely gown is the MAY gown by Saschas design. Joining the group will set you back 50 L$ which seems a lot, but you get a free gown every month AND all previous gowns (about 40 at the moment so just a little more than 1 L$ per gown). The jewelry is by Ganked (former freebie, new freebie available at the shop, blogged it yesterday). The hair I am wearing is KIMBA by Alli & Ali design and it is sold on Marketplace for the time being for 1 L$ (dark rose)

I went to Beautycode and they had some great dollarbies (1 L$). I got this lovely set, earrings, bracelets and necklace from Vincenca Rosca for 1 L$.
I am still experimenting with skins, this skin will be blogged below.

I also got a skin at Beautycode, you have to be a group member though to get it, it is free.
I am wearing a gift (easter branch) by EN:YO in my mouth with this skin.

I am wearing the skin with the capri pants I got also at Beautycode for 1 L$ and they are by Letiteur. With the pants I am wearing a free top by Villena.
And I am wearing cute flats, also available at Beatycode, and they are a dollarbie by Mu Shi Doll.

Last thing I got at Beautycode are these lovely teardrop earrings. They are also 1 L$.

Villena is participating in the Where is...? hunt. You are looking for a donut and if you find it you get this great blue checkered shirt.

OK I am still experimenting with a new skin and this colorfull one I am wearing is by MunSpain. It is NOT FREE, I am just trying it because MunSpan had a lot of new skins this month (look at the pic). Let me know what you think?
I also got skind from Mynerva. They are celebrating their birthday and there is a cute hunt going on for members. You have to find 5 cupcakes, and you get the skins shown below. Joining the group is 50 L$ girls. There is also a drow skin in one of the cupcakes (not shown)

This next very romantic dress is by Silver Rose and it is a group gift. I am wearing the very elegant Freya hair by Alli & Ali design with it. Perfect romantic and elegant. Freya in ashblond is the new group gift by Alli & Ali design at their mainstore.

The next elegant dress is a free gift at Mashooka. Find the red box on the floor. With this dress I am wearing Erin hair by Alli & Ali design, the voting gift at the mainstore for this week.

This great wedding gown is ny JF design and what is more romantic than a lovely sparkling royal wedding gown? The hair is Freya in rustbrown.

Again a very romantic dress by Jills.
It comes with the shoes, and it is a prefect dress for every party or wedding.
The jewelry is by Arata Shouten (former freebie) and the flowers in the hair are also by Alli & Ali design, perfect with the romantic Freya hair. Freya in toffee can be bought on Marketplace for 1 L$ for the time being.

And this lovely elegant dress with hat is a gift from Baiastice, you have to join the group and check notices to get it.

The last one for today is a lovely freebie by Paris Metro. It is an elegant purple dress and it comes with the jewelry. Paris Metro also has a new release and even though I do not blog new releases I wanted to show you it, because it is in ORANGE and we just had our Queensday in the Netherlands, when everyone dresses up in orange.


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