Thursday, May 19, 2011

Medieval, Rococo, role playing...GOWNS today ladies

I know a lot of people like roleplaying in SL, and I found quite a lot of lovely gowns in medieval style, or Rococo. I also found matching if you are into roleplaying read on :)

This first gown is Ariane by Chemical Kisses. It is a lovely gown and the details are amazing. You get a hat too and a hairdo with bun....very elegant. It will cost you 1 L$ though ;)

Chemical Kisses has another great gown on Marketplace. It is called Claudine and it is also 1 L$.

The next gown is by Raielien Ackland and the gown is called red velvet gown (not very original but you do know what you are getting). It is a lovely Rococo gown in red.

Creative Chaos is specialised in role playing outfits and lovely gowns. They have a few on Marketplace, like this lovely Rosalind gown. You get it in 4 colors, so you can wear the one that suits you best.

This next gown in blue is alos by Creative Chaos on Marketstreet. The gown is called Nadia.

Because I love Creative Chaos design I went over to their shop to see if they have freebies at their store too. And YES they have. They have a lot of group gifts at Creative Chaos (joining is free). They have plenty more, but I only took the ones I liked best.

The hairstyles I am wearing on this blog are also freebies.
This first hair is by Alli & Ali and it is called Freya. The hair was a group gift in this color a while ago, but you can get it in toffee color for 1 L$ HERE. The flowers are a new release at Alli & Ali and they are called Daisies Crown.

The next hair is also by Alli & Ali and it is called Calita. Also 1 L$ and perfect to wear with a traditional gown. The hair bands are color change with a menu.

Alli & Ali has another great hair, this is called Victoria. Costs you also 1 L$, but it goes great with the maid gowns.

The last hair is special. It is by Liza and it is called Fantasy hair. You get it in a lot of colors. But I thought it was great to wear with role playing clothes like silks? 1L$ for the hair ladies...not free.

I am wearing the Liza hair with the red silks I got from Lizas shop too.

Liza also has BLACK and SILVER silks at her shop for free... wearing it with the black version of the Liza hair.

I will put the rest of the role playing gowns later on my blog (it is getting too big).

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