Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sturdy hair, a cute Mothersday present, ADN and Bubblez

Actually I haven't been to ADN and Bubblez lately, I simply forgot they have such great things. But today I was thinking about both stores and I just jumped over and stood there for a while, watching their Lucky chairs.
And today I look and I feel sturdy :)
I got this cute hair (called believe it ot not Creative Hairstyles) in all colors you can think of...Just showing you a few.
Before I show you the stuff from ADN and Bubblez I want to show you the very cute bags Censored has for Mothersday. Sunday is Mothersday in the Netherlands, and this is a great present ! The bags are 10 L$, as a matter of fact almost everything at Censored is about 10 L$, so walk around and take a look girls... :) Not only for your mother :)

With the Creative hair I went over to ADN. They have many lucky chairs but I only got ONE item from the chairs (I bet they forgot to put an R in the lucky chairs). What I  am showing you is all from their questionmark boards. Except the first one (called Street) That one is from the lucky chair :)


Bubblez has some new stuff in their Lucky boards and I stood there for a while too...YAY I got a lot....Thanks Milo :)


Happy Shopping Ladies !!!

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