Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mashooka and Zuri

Today I just went to 2 shops. The first one was Mashooka. They have a birthday present hunt and you can find 18 small wrapped boxes. Most are outside the store. I didn;t find them all, but I found MOST of them and look what was inside !! THank you so much Mashooka, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

Jewelry set. Top by JANE (free in all colors)

This dress has a real Indian feel to it.

LOVE these scarfs..>WOW they are amazing !

Jewelry set in turquoise (ring and earrings)

Then I went over to Zuri and I stood a while at their lucky chairs. Zuri has very nice jewelry, 4 lucky chairs and a MM board too. And I was sooo lucky !! Look what I got from their lucky chairs (and do NOT ask me how long I have been standing there....)

From Zurys MM board.


Happy shopping ladies :)

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