Monday, May 16, 2011

No skins today

Today I am just going to blog outfits and some hair I got from all over SL. So put on your TP outfit ladies, train your TP button finger...and get ready :)
This first outfit is by Orquidea. It is a lovely gown in soft lilac and the flowers on it make it perfect for s spring ball. It is a group gift (joining is free).

This second outfit is by Hura Yuwa. I blogged their group gift skins yesterday and these dresses are also group gifts (joining is free) Shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable).

Next to Hura Yuwa is another shop (Uchiwa) and they have this cute fan with wave animation on their lucky board.

The next gift is also from a Japanese shop, it is actually a high school called HK and it has a lucky board inside with lots of school unifroms. I didn;t get the best one, but it gives you an idea. If you are into schoolgirl uniforms it is worth a wait.

OK just for the fun of it another school uniform, this time by Luna Sabbia. It is from their LB so you have to be patient :)
The bags are NOT included ;)

the hair I got from the lucky board at Hair Shop Nodoka goes perfectly well with the school girl uniforms...I feel like a teenager again wearing it with the big bow :)

And Ezura has this cute pink dress as a gift in their store. You have to find the red flower from the WHIZ hunt though.

The next dress is by BDR (Beautifull dirty rich) and it will be on sale tomorrow for 10 L$.

I got some cute tops in 3 different stores. The first ones are a dollarbie (1 L$) by Rock me Amadeus.

And the next tops are a freebie at Glad Rags :)

The last top is a freebie by Arnadi :)

This sexy outfit is by Yellow Berry and it is a dollarbie opening gift (costs you 1 L$).

This cute green dress is a gift by BASTIA ! It is so cute, top and skirt.... you could wear the skirt with the great tops I blogged above...

 I went to the Lucky Board at Awram Vie. They have changed the gifts in their lucky boards and I was so lucky to get this great sexy dress :)

Something was wrong with the gift in the SSH hunt at ENLIL. I couldn't show you the tattoos they are giving away (you have to find the surfboard in their store)...but here they are: tattoos from the Skate & Surf hunt. The designer/owner gave out correct ones. Thank you so much :)

OK over to the last one for today. I went to Starchild in the SSH (Skate & Surf Hunt) and guess what? They have a part with lots of dollarbies at the store (1 L$ each). I am showing you just 2 I got but there are plenty more :)
The booties are by BabyMonkey (not free)

Happy shopping ladies :)

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