Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Schön, Ruru, Lollipopz, Chickickie, Analog Dog and lots af advent calendars :)

Today I went to Schön and got a few lovely gifts there. Advent is starting today too, so there are many shops putting up an advent calendar. I took a look at a few. And by now you all know my hair fobia so hair from ChiCkickie and Lollipoz is on the blog too :)
But first SCHÖN.


They have an Xmas dress too :)

Ruru has a very nice complete Xmas outfit, dress, skirt, boots, belt hat and jacket. Each item is 1 L$ so in total you have to pay 5 L$, look below :)

The cute hair I am wearing on the pics is by Myaden and the earrings are a gift from this store too.

Talking aboyut hair: Lollipopz put new hair on their MM board so go slap it and look around at her other great hair :)

You get 4 colors, just showing the red version.

And ChiChickie has a secret sale ...lots of color packs for 10 L each. But also MM boards and a lucky chair AND very nice gifts :)

This is the monthly gift for group members

Analog Dog has put ALL the hair in their SALE section to 0 L$. They also have a color hud for free to change your haircolor to your liking. At the landing point fly up, look for the SALE sign and fly there.

Example: one of the boards with sale hair.

The following items are from the 1st day of Advent...from advent Calendars :)
You can go there every day and collect your presents.

First is from Nana:
Next one is by Moonstar...they also have a very nice group gift.

Last one is by 22769 and it looks like this:

Happy shopping ladies :)

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