Sunday, December 26, 2010

On this second Christmas day just a few goodies.

I was just browsing and looking at some shops I visited before and YAY I got a few very nice things there. Lets start with a cute dress, got it from Trashy Angels and Demons. WOW lovely !

The next dress is from one of my fav shops. Actually it is a sweater with skirt combination and also very cute booties. All from MPD, thanks MPD ! All the stuff in their shop is 1 L$ ladies, fatpacks are 3 or 5 L$. So you will not go bankrupt if you go shopping there ! The boots are a Christmas gift.

Not without you gives away this great dress as a subscribo gift. I love the color after all the Christmas red :)

And Moonchild has plenty Lucky boards at their store and I got lucky THREE times !

Marret gives you this cute dress in gold, and the sweater and bermudas are a dollarbie in their store.

Last but not least at all...I LOVE this cute hair from TRUTH as a subscribo gift. The long hair is for girls ofcourse, comes in all colors and the hat is color change. The short hair is for guys, alos comes in all shades, hat is also colorchange.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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