Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't you LOVE this hair?

I really didn't know a title for this blog, but then I thought of what I loved MOST this time, and it is the very cute hair by Calico. On the pic below I am wearing it with 2 hunt dresses from Saschas design (you are looking for 8 santa hats, 4 for the black dress and 4 for the white dress). The cute hair is from the Christmas fair at Rue d'Antibes. You get a LOT of freebies there, also shown below.
The version on the right is the female version, the one on the left is the male version, both free. The lights are colorchange.


These earrings are by **R**

This lovely white outfit is by Fellini

The warm boots, hat and scarf are by Norilicious

This cute set is by Scatola

and the lovely hat is by WAP

the cute earrings are by Zeery and you get many colors

This scarf is by *CK*

Bliss gives away this cute cape like jacket for their group members. Thank you so much, it is lovely !

Lilou has two really lovely group gifts at their store. If you do not want to join: the white gown is for sale for 1 L$ too. The hair comes in several colors and is free for group members too.

This lovely dress and the pants outfit are group gifts by ZENITH. I love the lollipop :) (you can also see it on the pic with the Calico hair)

The next dressy is by Fishy Strawberry and it is so Christmassy...I love it :) Makes you long for the christmasparty doesn't it?

These lovely winter skins are a gift by Curious Kitty. They come in the colors shown, but my fav is the one with the shimmery bits on it.
The previous skins were on Market street and I found this very cute hair with hat in ALL colors there too. I am just showing you a few colors....The name of the hair is Elfie.
Reiko has plenty Lucky boards with on them lovely kimono's but also very nice dresses with a shimmery lining. The letters change rather fast and I got a few dresses for free :) and a KIMONO with pintsettias on it :)

Then again Sonia also has a lucky chair and they have a 3 very nice dollarbies in store too.



                This black gown comes with a lovely skin

Girls Style also has these group gifts for their group members:

This capri with the cute green pumps is by MC.

Finally after a long wait I got this lovely ELF outfit by NK from their lucky chair...I simply LOVE it, it is so gracious.

Almost done for today ladies. Just the cute stuff from YESSSS is left.


Happy shopping ladies (and feel free to leave a message, I feel like I am the only one on this page ..)

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