Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Only 3 days left in 2010

I know the title is really lame, but hey, I have to think up a new title every day, I run out of ideas !
Curio gives away the MOST lovely skin (in all skin tones !) ... when I tried it on I couldn't take my eyes of is so beautiful. You also get a cute snowflake make-up thing...GREAT! Thank you so much CURIO. To get it: join the group called Gala & Rita design Announcements, and check the past notices.

While I am into skins: Mother Goose has some really cute ones on their Lucky boards !

And Elegant Epiffany has GREAT lipstick on their MM board and in the store you can find a hunt item  which gives you the icy make-up. the lipstick comes in MANY shades, just showing you a few.

The next skin is from  MyUglyDorothy and I love that one as well. It is so sweet and innocent (you think I can wear it without an evil smile on my face?)
It was on their Lucky Board and I got a few dollarbies there too. The shirt and leggings are sold separately for 1 L$ each.


Glow studio also has skins, but I got the most lovely dollarbie set: a bag, earrings and bracelets. When I looked at the bag I was wondering what was inside? My guess is ...ermmm....never mind. It looks great. And they have 2 more dollarbies, eye lashes and eyeliner.

I also got make-up called WICKED from Crematoria. There is a purple bag in the store and when you click it it gives you the choice of 3 wishes. I got the make-up.

OK I KNOW I have a big mouth...but not as big as on this shirt...or do I??? I got it from Kobilica.

And I got this earring and bracelet set close to Kobilica at Wei Mei Lui.


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