Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another day, another freebie shopping tour :)

Ohhh Vita's Boudoir has a mini hunt at their store. You can find 3 pointsettia flowers on the ground floor and each contains a lovely gift. Look what I got ! Thank you so much Vita's Boudoir!


Tara has a lot of freebies at their store, the most lovely shoes on MM boards and av few lucky boards too. You have to be a group member but joining is free. Below the blue shoes are from the MM board at the store, the rest are freebies on the counter.



Bells Boutique gives away a lovely dress, you can wear it in different ways.

Babymonkey has these lovely red boots under the tree and the black booties are from the POE hunt (close to the Xmas tree). The hat and scarf are under the tree too :)


Urban Girl gives you this lovely gift IF you are in the FabFree group !

Honey has these lovely gifts for you all on their Lucky Boards.

I landed at the Winter Village and got all these gifts was an early Christmas for me :)

This black tafta dress is in the Winter Village too, but you will find it HERE. It is a hunt gift behind the big tree.

CoG Has 2 lovely gifts under the tree.

This one is by Milky Way
And it is a gift too. Keeps you nice and warm !

Sonia has a lucky chair in their shop and I got this gown from it.

Almost the last one is this great necklace to wear with yout fav gown. It comes with earrings.

And LAST is this free and copy Xmas tree...I put quite a few in a circle:)

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