Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just a few dresses and a lovely bear

Inka (they changed the name to Essences)  gives away a lovely skin and eyes to group members :)

And while I was working on my PC I was also standing at the lucky boards of Bubblez and they changed the presents in those boards so I am showing you what I got there:

Lovely Snow white hair, a xmas dressy and 2 other lovely outfits

Cute outfit with hair
and these lovely earribngs as a group gift.

And Milky Way has loads of very cute freebies. See below.

This outfit is from the Nadas Advent Calendar.
And this are a few Xmas outfits by Peppermint Blue :)

This cute Xmas bear is by Pinky Gals and also free.

At JPK I got this lovely hip bag from their Lucky Borad...doesn't that look GREAT?
And the last thing I am blogging today is a gift if you are in the FABFREE group. It is a gift by ::ZcZ:: and it is a scripted ballet outfit. Too cute for words :)
Find the FABFREE signs and click it.
Enjoy shopping ladies :)

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