Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pas de deux, Breathing, Bait, +PLUS and SKINS (JeSyLiLo)

Hi girls. While wandering around I came across this shop: Pas de Deux. They have plenty lucky chairs and a lot of what I am going to show here is from their chairs. But they also had a few freebies.

I also stood a while at the lucky boards of Breathing and got the following items (don't laugh...the snowman is not a thing to put somewhere...I AM IN IT!!! you wear it !!!)

Actually I got all the things on the LB.

YES YES I am inside it. But you also get a shoulder version (see below)

Cute knitted hats

Hello Kitty bags :)

Or just shoulder bags

And extremely cute shoes :)

Bait has a very sexy top for free (the pasties are not included)
+PLUS has a few very nice freebies in their store....oh I LOVE this bag...I really fell for it.

And last but not least I went to JeSyLiLo and they have skins for free...for guys and gals but I am just showing your the girls ones :)

These are the dark tan ones

These are the pale ones

And these are the XMAS ones

Happy shopping ladies :)

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