Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bits and bobs from everywhere

I had some "leftovers" in my inventory, things I didn't blog before, so here goes:
BB Star gives away this lovely Christmas will be the star of the party :)

BlakOpal has several very nice freebies on their site on Market Street.

Grafitti Wear has this cute pyama in their Lucky Dip ...I LOVE those slippers :)
The Antlers are free on Market Street. The cute red outfit with the shoes is on their MM board.


This lovely long necklace is a gift by Black Pearl and it is called Just You. Perfect for Christmas ladies :)

I went to a few lucky chairs, the first one is at CRAVE and it is a Santa chair. You get lovely Christmas outfits in all styles.
these are 3 I got, but there are many more.

The next lucky chair was at Little Heaven and there are 4 lucky chairs there with hair. Also a few camping chairs for hair. I got pinkish hair but it is mod so I changed the color into red.

Viviane gives away these cute sexy Santa outfits in pink and red :)

And I found a few very nice Christmassy gowns, the first one is by YULI and it is black.

The second one is by QQ and it is red and sexy :)

The third  one is a classic Versailles gown in red, perfect for a traditional Christmas.

TD gives away a very cute necklace with klittle Christmas lights...perfect to wear with a sey gown :)

Just a few more things to blog. STC ! (Sweeter than Candy) gives away very cute boots and a peppermint dressy which is so much fun to wear !
And a very cute POE hunt gift: tattered Cabaret.


Talking about shoes, I found the perfect matching shoes for your Christmas gowns on Market Street. They are by Patula and you can find the CHRISTMAS ones and the BLACK AND WHITE ones on Market street. Not free though, 1 L$ per pair.

Last one to blog is a complete avatar, skin, shape, eyes, hair the works. No clothes but hey I blogged enough to fill a complete wardrobe :)
It is made by XF Creations.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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