Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two days before fun.

Two days till Christmas ladies and I have been busy shopping for presents...take a look at what I got!
At Baiastice I got these LOVELY gifts under their Christmas tree. WOW, they are so great. I especially love the jewel set. The red outfits are for the guys but HEY I am not complaining, they fit me too :)

The next shop that caught my attention was Chaisuki. They have plenty gifts under tghe tree. 2 lovely skins with cute details and lipstick in all shades of pink (only showing 4, but there are more) and the snowflake tattoo... and very sexy eyelashes :)

Then while I was working at Saschas store I heard Diana shoes had a great Christmas offer. The shoes are free and you can find them in her shop in a red ball with a heart.

Alyssa Byoux gives us poor SL girls these lovely bracelets as a present. You can find them in the Gothic jewels department and you have to look for a red box on the floor.
I also went to a place where they have many MM boards but they mainly have Dolly outfits and shoes and stuff. I love them...see below.


Talking about shoes: DUH gives away these booties.

And BabyMonkey gives their group members the Margot ballet shoes. They are texture change and based on Margot Fonteyn, the great ballet dancer. Thank you Pixie :)
(you find the shoes in group notices)

And more shoes: this lovely sexy christmas outfit includes the boots and is by EXxEsS

Fierce has this elf outfit in their store, oh I love the cute wings.

And who says redheads can't wear pink? I love this super dress by Freyani as a Sucker4You hunt gift. They also give away the lovely scarf in their shop.

And the last 2 dresses I found on Market Street as dollarbies, but I still wanted to share them as they are really nice ones :)


Happy shopping ladies!

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