Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All from sexy lingeree to make-up and Christmas stuff :)

Oh boy....I am dutch and we do not celebrate Christmas with giving or receiving presents, like I explained to an American friend just a few minutes ago. We have Sinterklaas on december 5th.
(info here:
But I do understand how Christmas is celebrated, so I put up a stocking...
and went to look what I got :)
Rummaging inside....
Hmmm.....I couldn't find a thing....strange....let me have a look...

NOTHING??? No ...I think....YES ! There is something inside....

DARN he didn't tell me you get coal if you were naughty last year....go figure...
The poses are by Olive Juice.
Dress group gift by Baiastyce, blogged 2 days ago.

I found some more very cute Xmas outfits, this one id by Deviance and they give you the boots as a present too :)


This lovely backpack in Christmas style is by JPK  (lucky board)

Goig on with the Christmas stuff I went to Blacklace and got this VERY cute sexy outfit from the HHH (hunt). They have loads of gifts too, some are on the floor, and the black one is a group gift.


Umi Usagi has this more than cute outfit on their Lucky boards and the umbrella is a freebie in the store. They have plenty Lucky boards, so worth to stand there for a while.

The cute hair has been blogged by others too, I just wanted to show you that I changed it into a red hair :) It is cute though and you can find it here on the Lucky Board at MAOMI.

I also found a Lucky board at SYDS...I wasn't lucky but maybe you are :)

The cute sweater is a hunt gift at Ducknipple...I LOVE the little cow, the eyes incredible cute :)

OK on to the fav store Elegant Epiffany has new make up on their Lucky board BUT alsio 2 Christmasgifts under the tree.

Chritsmas tree gifts.
Lucky chair gift

This cute dress is by Elemiah design and it is sooo sexy...(nipples howing ladies)

The last thing I am blogging today is the group gift by LOLLIPOPZ. They have a new hair group gift with the cutest little hat with 50th....and you get it in all possible hair colors.
Zeev also gives you this lovely outfit as a group gift at Lollipopz ladies.


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