Friday, December 24, 2010


First of all I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, for you who are reading my blog and your family. HUGS from the cold snowy Netherlands :)

I am going to blog quite a lot today ladies, I don't know if I have the time to work on the blog over the Christmas here goes:

I went to OoEas! and got these Christmas presents :) That is how I looked after getting all the cute stuff for you ladies :) I also got the very cute brooch there.

Next shop I went to was House of Benningburrough. They give away the most gorgious gown for free. It comes in a lot of shades, red, blue, pink, but I got the gold one. They are free. There is another free gift on the groundfloor too, the short cocktail gown.

Then Tres Beau gives you these lovely christmas outfits. One is from the POE hunt, the other is a dollarbie which you can find HERE.

If you are a member of the Lollipoz group you got this lovely hair as a group gift. The store closed, but the group will remain and group gifts will be passed to the members. Find it in search under groups and check the notices. The hair comes in all colors.

The next dresses are from several shops, the LM will be under them.

Elluzions subscriber gift.

Evies Closet Lucky Board gift

Fore group gift

Girls Style dollarbie

These lovely outfits are from the Lucky Boards at Velvetrythms. Aren't they great? There are several Lucky boards in the store.

These übercute shoes on the left are a group gift by Coco. WOW I love their clothes. Join the group (free) and het 14 presents from the wall. I blogged them before if you want to see them a search on the blog. Was in september.
The shoes on the RIGHT are a freebie by TARA shoes.

Now here is a difficult item. LAQ is giving away lovely skins at their subscribo. However...I have a personal issue with LAQ. I once bought a skin by accident in stead of buying a demo. I wanted one with a hairbase, this one didn't have it. They refused to do anything about it. So I am putting the skins on my blog, but I am not happy about their service and friendlyness to their customers.

Elegant Epiffany gives their group members this lovel set of make up. Thaks so much all designers and a mery Christmas to you all.

Happy and merry shopping ladies :)

The second part of this blog is about THE SNOWFLAKE EXPERIENCE> It is a winter island and you can find many candy canes hidden there. In the candy canes are the most lovely gifts !! I am just blogging a few, the LM are under the pictures. (not in red, the names are linked)
SyS two times make up HERE and HERE

Its Cake

Havanna Nights


TikTok Tattoo


Tik Tok skin

Indie Rose


Cero Style shoes






LOQ earrings

T Junction


Paper Doll


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