Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas at Hudsons, lovely skins, make up and many more....

Hudsons is one of my fav stores, they have great freebies AND they have 3 Lucky Boards! Just to show you how kind Candice Hudson is: I have been standing at their LB for 4 hours and gave up. She send me the lovely presents from the LB. Look below. The red sweater and the necklace, earrings and bracelets are from the Lucky boards.

The sweaters, scarf, caps, hot choclate, brooch and earrings are gifts next to the LB.



And this is a VERY special gift: a Merry Christmas brooch and Christmas Bells. You wear the bells above your head and when you touch them it SNOWS !! Thanks so much Candice :) At HUDSONS ladies.

Talking about Christmas, we all want to look our best when celebrating, so how about a new skin or make-up?
The first skin is by Digital Decay on the Fabfree tour.It is called All I want for Christmas :)
But Elegant Epiffany also has a GREAT new skin. They have a MM board with lovely make-up AND they have a SANTA chair ..and if you have been nice you will get a set of make-up from Santa ! This is their LILA skin.

This one is the make up from the MM board. The 2 below are from Santa and I got them because I was awfully nice this year :) There are 2 styles in Santas pack: Misty and Simpt.

Simpt, and YES you are right, there are only 6 in the pack. The green eyeshadow is twice on my pic.

If you haven't been nice KABUKI has a great gesture....on MARKET STREET.
Click on VISIT SHOP and you will see they have more 0 L$ gestures.

Ofcourse you want a nice dress for Christmas, but there are other days too and Ivalde gives you a great dress for those days :)

You can combine it with the lovely jewelry I got from RND. Ofcourse you can get the jewelry too :) The hair is a free sale item at Analog Dog. At the landing point fly up and look for the SALE sign, all their sale items are 0 L$.

Or on colder days you can combine your dress with this lovely fur coat which I got from the GENIE in the lamp at Crave. They have 4 lucky chairs AND a Santa chair with cute Xmas outfits too.
The dress is by Saschas Design. (99 L$)

At SHADE I found this cute sexy mini skirt with 2 lovely thongs. Doesn't look like it will warm you in winter, but it is CUTE !

And SLOW KITCHEN has as an opening gift this cute blouse and the CRAZY egg hat...I LOVE it...

Last find is YIPS Island. Something happened to her shop, and she put her crazy stuff in the open on a very small island...jump over and have a look, most is free or very cheap and it will make you laugh or at least SMILE :)
Charlie outfit and Polos


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