Tuesday, December 21, 2010

E!, Ho Wear, Jazmyn D, Jadelina, Mimi, Unique and GP.

Starting with the group gift by E! ...wow how sexy can you feel at Christmas ! Isn't this the most sexy christmas outfit you have seen this season? It is in the group, just join and check past notes.

Next is Ho Wear, they have 12 presents in their store. No group needed and boy the gifts are GREAT ! Thank you Ho Wear !




Jazmyn D has a lovely Christmas gown in red in their store for their group members and while I was there I also picked up a free bag with the pants set. Cute as can be!


Jadelina gives away a lovely diamond necklcae ladies, it is in their store at Saschas mall. This LANDMARK leads you to the stand in Saschas store, look for the shop in the MALL, the necklace is there.

Mimi gives all fashionistas in the store this cute jeans dressy with cap.

Then I tp/d over to Unique and got these lovely outfits, all free. WOW they look amazing.

And finally I went to GP and got the cross necklace and the very cute chunky shoes there in bordeaux.

Happy shopping ladies!

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