Thursday, December 23, 2010

Evies Closet, Arata Schouten, KC, Mamia and Purple Moon.

Just 5 shops today ladies, so not very much to blog. I still hope you like the outfits, shoes, skin and jewelry I found. Starting with Evies Closet. They have plenty gifts under their tree. I didn't blog them all so there might be something else you like in the presents.

I love the Reindeer outfit !!!

Next I went to Arata Schouten and it is always a pleasure to go there. Arata has a few very cute dollarbies. There is a package with 4 cute feather dresses (black, green, purple and pink) and there is a package with color change necklace, bangles, earrings. And there is a package with hair (the rose is also colorchange) and there is one with a lot of skins (didn't buy that one). ONE linden dollar per peckage!

KC has a few nice dollarbies in store too. Two very cute outfits and nice Christmas booties too.


Mamia has a green outfit, sexy purple lingeree and very nice booties for you all. Also click the BELL in the store, you will get a very nice present.


Last one is Purple Moon, you get this very cute sweater dress there. They have some very nice groupgifts, but joining the group is 50 L so not blogged here.


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