Sunday, December 5, 2010

Creative, PERFECT for a traditional Christmas or roleplaying

Hi Fashonistas, I had the gowns of Creative in my inventory for a long time, planning to blog them, but I got so many freebies in between that I actually forgot to put them on the blog. So here goes.

Creative is a great shop with medival clothing, perfect for role playing. But when you are celebrating a traditional Christmas their gowns are perfect too.
They have 2 MM boards in the new shop. And many lovely gifts for group members.
Joining is free.

Their gowns aren't very expensive (from 99 L$) and there is a sale section too. But all these gowns I am showing are previous group gifts.


The cute golden shoes are by WETHERBY (were a free gift, but now 20 L$)

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